Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Gerald Ezekwere, cmf

(ACTS, 9 VS 1-20, AND JOHN, 6 VS 52-59)
Paul’s radical conversion gives us an insight of God’s desire for everybody, Nation, race and culture to be redeemed and instrument of His goodness to creation and humanity. Conversion in its entirety, whether automatic or gradual, is always a process, in constant flow until reaches its goal- oneness with God. Jesus has made it an absolute and amazing experience with the inexhaustible gift of his true body and blood which constantly restores us when we are wearied. His presence, body and blood will ever continue our light, strength and hope for the life to come irrespective of what may seem to us as persecution and dehumanising events in life. He always arms us with the graces, positive attitude and right perspective for such events.


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