Commentary on the Gospel of


ANOTHER parable, about a wedding for a king's son. The guests are invited and none of them want to come-excuses are sent. The guests ignore the second call to come: they go off to their fields, business, livelihoods and then insult and kill the messengers. Then the king sends his troops to destroy them-his judgment on their actions. And the invitation goes out still again-to the people of the road, the wayfarers, the poor and the folks who live on the edge, on the fringes of society and all are drawn in-the good and the evil alike! Some wedding feast! As the king goes around, some are found without garments-they were given garments as part of the invitation as custom-where are they? What have they done with them? And out they go. We have all been invited and we have our excuses and we do our killing and insulting. All of us, good and evil have been invited into the Good News and we have been given garments. There will be the judgment and the feast-will we still have the garment of our baptisms? Or will we find ourselves outside, disappointing our God-again?


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