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JESUS leaves the synagogue and goes to Simon's house and cures Simon's mother-in-law. She rises and waits on them (in gratitude surely). The imagery is that of raising up, of baptism into new life and ministry. She has been drawn into the circle of disciples-waiting at table on Jesus and the others. And the word spreads and so many come for healing. So many of us are still in need of healing, of wholeness, of release from debilitating sin, self-absorption and the effects that our actions and others have on all of us. Jesus lays hands on each of them (as in confirmation) and those who 'know' him because of their illness and sin are told to be silent. These are not acts of faith, but fear and distance from Jesus. And then Jesus retreats to a deserted place to pray, to be alone with his Father. And then they find him and he is off again to the towns, synagogues and houses to do his work on earth. This will be the pattern of his life. It should be ours: to preach the good news to the poor, to comfort, heal, bind the sick, to speak the truth to those who suffer from doing evil, or are the victims of sin and to pray, seeking strength from our God-but to always come back to those who are lost and in need. This is what we are sent to do as well.


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