Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Jim Kennedy, cmf


Jesus reminds us of the coming events of the Last Supper with his disciples, the trial, passion, death and resurrection. He reveals his own mission and that of his disciples. The whole purpose of this life is to die and reach the fullness of life and glory. The reason we can hear Jesus’ message and follow it through is because our faith and hope are based in Jesus’ own life events already accomplished. Jesus is the grain of wheat that dies. He loses his life in order to be lifted up to eternal life.

   The clear challenge of the Gospel is to serve others, lose one’s life and die in order to gain new life. The prospect of suffering and dying wasn’t easy for Jesus but he decided to do the will of his Father. Baptism is the sign of our being drawn to Jesus so that we also may be lifted up and glorified with him. Are we faithful followers of Jesus?


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