Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf

16 December 2012, Sunday III Advent


We worry a lot about many things in life and we fear that something bad and unexpected may happen to us. But fear paralyzes and holds us back from enjoying life as God’s gift. This has been the message of the prophets to the people—contrary to our common understanding that they were proclaimers of doom, they were messengers of hope. They announced that there was nothing to fear, but that God’s people should instead rejoice! What better reason could there be for rejoicing when we have been chosen by God to be his? How can we fear when despite all the troubles and concerns that this world brings, God brings us to the fullness of life? 


This too is the message of Jesus: fear not! Read the Gospels and you will see how Jesus so often tells his disciples not to be afraid but to have courage and be strong. Be strong in the midst of our troubled world and have courage to go on living, not simply an ordinary routinary life, but a joyful and meaningful life. Yes, we only live once—we all know that from the moment we were born, the time will come when this life as we know it will end for each one of—so how can we not live this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to its fullness? 

Life triumphs.


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