Commentary on the Gospel of

Carol Zuegner

Both readings today are powerful. What struck me is the difference between the obstinacy of the Pharoah and his charioteers and the steadfastness of Moses and, in a very different way, the steadfastness of Mary Magdalene. In the first reading, you can kind of understand the fear and anger of the children of Israel. At first glance, their options seemed limited. But Moses told them to fear not, and his faith in God and belief rescued them. That is faith – to be able to trust with your heart and soul and every fiber of your being. I know I am still working on that trust, on the willingness to take the leap of faith. I am often afraid and want to take matters into my own hands instead of letting go and trusting God. Just now, I practiced, a great letting go, breathing in and out. Letting go also means letting God in, letting his love and light fill me, giving me the fuel to be steadfast.


Mary Magdalene is the epitome of steadfastness. I often think of her as an example of how Jesus was open to everyone, that all could come to him. But her example of steadfastness in her love for Jesus is inspiring. She stuck by him when it can’t have been easy for her. In this reading, she stayed outside the tomb after she told the apostles the body of Jesus was gone. She was there. She was grief-stricken, but she had faith. And she was the first to see Jesus. She believed. She was steadfast.


My own obstinacy often tests my faith and my belief. I need to practice that letting go, and letting God in. I pray that I can be steadfast, that I can open my heart to God and that I can be faithful.


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