Commentary on the Gospel of

Eileen Wirth

“You received it not as the word of men, but as it truly is, the word of God, which is now at work in you who believe.”  Thessalonians


Every morning when I have my little chat with God while suffering through the treadmill or elliptical machine, I ask for help resolving my problems in the way I think they should come out.


Please God, let my sick friend recover.

Please God, protect my kids.

Please God, help me manage this problem at work.

Please God, let it rain. (We’re in a drought and I grew up on a farm where rain would probably have been top of the list).

Sometimes things turn out just like I’d hoped but often God has a different plan. At such times, it is good to reflect on St. Paul’s message to the Thessalonians today that  “the word of God is now at work in you who believe.”  


Most of us would benefit from recalling the wise words of Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J., noted Creighton spiritual advisor. He tells groups that often we think that the voice of God sounds a lot like that of our own egos. That’s probably especially true for those of us who pray mostly in hurried snatches while thinking of everything from today’s “To Do” list to what to cook for Saturday’s dinner guests. 


During Lent this year, I started every day with a 15- minute visit to St. John’s, our campus church, just to try to LISTEN to God. Even this brief regular period worked wonders in letting the Spirit cut through the clutter of too much multi-tasking. It taught me that God works best in our lives when we allow him quality time to do so. 


But even when we don’t, God finds ways to move and shape us. We’ve all suffered a disappointment that led to a greater good, reminding us that when God closes a door, he always opens a window.  May God open many windows for all of you as he works in your lives.


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