Commentary on the Gospel of

Joe Zaborowski

The readings, as I first studied them, are both point and counterpoint to each other. Both warn of the inherent pitfalls of sin. The Book of Wisdom tells us to “think of the Lord in goodness, and seek him in integrity of heart.” Yet at the same time I am reminded of the warning to be spiritually fit and be free of sin and injustice. Without being in that state I am shut out from the grace of God. 


Luke’s gospel continues to talk about sin. For myself, it’s a topic that I certainly don’t embrace with vigor. Perhaps I’ve become influenced too much by societal norms which seem to reject the notion of sin in the modern world. As I reflected on the readings, the words of Pope Francis came to mind when he was asked, “Who Is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?” and he responded, “I am a sinner.” Good to know I’m in the same company as the Pope. 


The readings not only dwell on the effects of sin but also the resolution to bring me back into the sunlight of the Spirit. I see in Wisdom that the all-embracing God knows my heart and will acquit if I’m truly repentant. In Luke I receive the lesson on how to forgive others. If someone wrongs me seven times a day I’m called to forgive seven times. I know if I am called to constantly forgive, God in his unquantifiable love can certainly forgive me if have a truly repentant heart.


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