Commentary on the Gospel of

Marcia Shadle-Cusic

“It is a good thing for a person to remain as he is”  The first reading references the married life and the single life, indicating that both are a good way to live - if one is true to and becomes aware of “their Calling”. As a marriage preparation facilitator, I always ask my couples to reflect upon their call to the married life and discern why they have been called to leave the single life and commit to marriage with another person.  To consider  the realities that will be a part of the married life - the good times and the bad.

The first reading introduces the beatitudes of weeping and not weeping, rejoicing and not rejoicing and buying and not owning.  The reading today brings us to an awareness of the choices we all must make in life and how we come to choose.

Luke’s Gospel gives several of the Beatitudes and encourages us to feel the “blessings” that come with our poverty and reliance on God.  If we feel content and complete with all our earthly wealth and success how can we develop our dependence and reliance on God?   How does one strengthen and enrich a relationship if there is not a need for the other person in your life?  If one is so independent, as to not need another person’s help, council, , ideas, or support, how does a non-relationship with another enrich you?

 Luke’s Gospel is suggesting that, if we “hunger” or “weep,”  it implies a need for others and a need for God, in order to experience a fulfilling life,  to give us direction and to lead us to appreciate our need for others and our need for God.  When we experience poverty, sorrow, hunger or insults, and find that we can over come these “trials” in life, through our reliance on God, we then will find true joy, appreciation and satisfaction in life.


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