Commentary on the Gospel of

Jeff Maciejewski - Department of Journalism, Media and Computing

In today’s excerpt of St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Paul asks his readers to understand God’s plan of salvation in Christ and to recognize that this plan very much includes the Gentiles. By referencing “the breath and length and height and depth,” Paul asserts that God’s love in Christ is boundless, affecting the entirety of the universe and beyond. In essence, all that is required, Paul tells us, is that we remain “rooted and grounded in love;” that we not experience diminished hope for salvation.


Paul’s missive should give us a boost of confidence; we must always be present to the redemptive love of Christ which at all times should warm us like a warm coat against the cold. This is, Paul reminds us, God’s plan. And it includes all of us, not only those who live here and now, but those who are to come.


Each day we should remind ourselves of the immense power of God’s love for us. Despite all that we encounter we should seek solace in His love and in His plan for our salvation. It certainly isn’t easy, given the variety of things we need to attend to every day and given the rise and fall of our emotions. We must, however, remain rooted and grounded in love and make an effort to comprehend and embrace the infinite power of God’s love.


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