Commentary on the Gospel of

Tamora Whitney - Creighton University's English Department

All three readings today have the same message:  that God delivers us.  But only those who believe will be delivered.  In fact, we need to acknowlege the need for deliverance in order to gain it.  In the first reading from Acts, the Apostles were physically imprisoned, and the angel of the Lord physically released them from their bonds and delivered them from the prison and from the hands of those who would harm them.


The Psalm echoes that, or explains it, by saying that the Lord hears the cry of the poor.  Those who believe in the Lord and call to Him will be aided.  He will not abandon his own.  But first there must be that request.  The first message the delivery is physical and immediate - taking the apostles out of the jail.  The analysis can be taken physically or symbolically - the Lord hears and answers the cries of the poor.


The Gospel goes even beyond that.  Jesus is the ultimate delivery!  When God gave to the people on earth his only begotten son, he was delivering us in the ultimate manner.  Only through Jesus could people understand God and ultimately go to heaven.  Whether we are physically delivered, as the apostles from the prison, through Jesus we are ultimately delivered.  Only through belief in Jesus is there salvation.  And only through a request for that salvation.  Those who believe can approach the light of the world, but the unbelievers stay always in their darkness.


Here in the Easter season we acknowledge the sacrifice and celebrate the resurrection.  The delivery has been made; it's up to us to accept it.


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