Commentary on the Gospel of

Roland Coelho, S.J.-Creightno Graduate Student

Today in the U.S., 12 Jesuit universities will gather to discuss how our schools will form students engaged in solidarity with those on the margins of our local communities, and the wider world.  The meetings will help us reflect on how to answer the call from Pope Francis and our Jesuit tradition to take on the “globalization of indifference” through attentiveness to the poor and vulnerable.

“Master, I want to see.”

Master, I want to see.  I have been entangled in my own life, my space, and my ideas.  I have fallen into the trap of deciding how others should behave and what the world should be like.  I feel hurt when my dorm companion ignores me and I do not question my own behavior.  I do not know why, but I feel upset if I am not part of the happening group at school.  I have more time to spend with my gadgets than with my spouse and children.  I have time for everything—work, fun, games, cooking, weekends, social media—but strangely I get tired when it is time to spend some time with you, Master.

Master, I want to see.  I want you to open my eyes to see the amazing blue skies, the shapely clouds, the lush green grass, and the flowering trees.  I want to see the goodness in each new day, the marvelous potential it has for me to live, grow, and mature.  I want to let go of my grumbling about the weather (too hot, too cold, too humid, or snowing too much) or about my food (the same thing every day!), and to appreciate all that life has to offer me.

Master, I want to see.  I want to see you in every person I meet.  I find it easy to see you in some people, but I want to see you especially in those who are hurting, who are in pain.  I want to see you in those who are unkempt, thrown out of their houses, hungry, and without hope.  I want to see you in those struggling to overcome habits that make them less than human.  I want to see you when I look into the eyes of my brothers and sisters.

And when my time has come, may I hear the same words you spoke to the blind Bartimaeus, “Your faith has saved you.”


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