Commentary on the Gospel of

Craig Zimmer-Creighton University Campus Ministry

Today we hear stories of God working in dramatic and even miraculous ways.  I am not at all saying that things like this can’t or won’t happen in our lives, but I think one of the key lessons to take away from these readings is that we shouldn’t expect them.

What Abraham and the centurion each show us is an example of humility.  Abraham puts himself at the service of travelers, offering them hospitality and rest; the centurion, a man of position and authority, tells Jesus he is not worthy to have Jesus in his house.  It is through these instances of humility that amazing things happen.
If we go through our lives with a spirit of humility, seeking to serve others, to welcome them and show them hospitality, and keeping our egos in check, who knows what kinds of grace-filled moments we might experience?!  Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone we know who has been suffering with a chronic illness is all of a sudden going to be healed.  But I think smaller occurrences can be just as miraculous.  Maybe there will be newfound joy and energy in a task or a job that you’ve done so many times or for so long that it has become mundane and miserable.  Maybe a broken relationship will begin to be mended by a few caring words or a simple act of hospitality.  Maybe an important new relationship will be formed by turning our attention outward instead focusing too much on ourselves.
When we go through life with an attitude of humility and openness to the working of the Holy Spirit around us, then we just might have the experience that Abraham and the centurion had of witnessing God doing something truly miraculous in our lives.


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