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Lori Gigliotti-Creighton University's Office of Enrollment Management

The readings today conveyed some of the more common elements with which we humans, seem to struggle in regard to our faith in God.  The first reading talks about how God told the children of Israel, because he favored them, he would punish them!  Then the reading goes on to list a series of questions, seemingly asking us to think about why God does what he does, not unlike what the Israelites must have asked!  Finally, the message goes on to say that, basically, we may endure hardships and things we cannot understand, but we must remember, God has things figured out! 


That same message of “faith”, is very evident in the Gospel reading.  I have always enjoyed this particular Gospel, as I think every one of us has had times when we were fearful, mournful, felt alone, or just wondered if God had forgotten us. When the disciples were frightened by the storm and their boat was being violently tossed at sea, they asked Jesus to save them.  The response from Jesus was to ask them why they did not have faith.   In an instant, Jesus calmed the seas and gave the disciples a huge moment of awe!  They were not only amazed at what they had experienced, but wondered, “what sort of man,” could command the wind and sea.


While the circumstances may differ for us all, the call to have faith and trust in the Lord is the same.  In recent years, I have experienced huge losses of some very close and dear family members, many of whom had difficult journeys as they transitioned .  I cannot recall the number of conversations and prayerful moments, where the question was asked, “Why would God do this?”  That’s when my faith called me to action, called me to remember…God has it all planned out.  While I might not understand or even agree with his methods, that is not my job.  My job is to trust him and have faith that this time (of sorrow) will pass and that God has things under control.  It was during those most difficult times, when I was called upon to have faith, that I gained so much more of it when I simply trusted God.  Stronger faith and a stronger relationship with God was and is the reward for having faith!


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