Commentary on the Gospel of

Eduardo Madrazo, cmf

Lk 7:1-10 “Not even in Israel have I found such faith”.

Today`s Gospel attracts our attention because it presents a striking scene and has an unusual theme: a captain, a friend of the Jews, who has built the synagogue for them, wants to get close to Jesus; and to do so, uses his Jewish friends. The attitude of this captain is of humble respect: he does not dare to go to see Jesus personally, nor invite Jesus to go to his house, because he knows that Jews may not enter a pagan house. But he trusts in the healing power of Jesus. Jesus’ answer is also striking. He accepts the petition of the captain, made by Jewish leaders. Jesus does not meet that sick person. However, He praises the faith of the captain and heals his servant.

The first reading reminds us of the institution of the Eucharist. However, the celebration of the Eucharist was problematic in the Corinthian community; it became a source of division. The Eucharist joins us with Christ: "Stay joined to me, and I will stay joined to you" (Jn 15:4). But we must also be joined with our brothers. This second part was failing in the Corinthian community. The Eucharist, we celebrate each day, should bring us to give ourselves to our neighbours.

The faith expression of the soldier has become for us a preparation to receive the Eucharist.  We must also recognize our smallness in front of Jesus given for us in the bread and the wine. Today we should ask the Lord to strengthen our faith. And humbly pray with the words of the captain: “I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”. Our participation in the holy Mass lets us bring this day to life, in generous dedication to our brothers. 


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