Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Andrzej Kobylski cmf

God gives life not death

For most people to stay alive it is worth (to) doing anything; however, following the orders of godless kings can’t help anybody to run away from death. The seven brothers knew it; they knew even more, true life will be given to you if you are true to God’s commandments. Nowadays, many people try to save their “style of life” because, as they belief, there is only this life; so most of them are afraid of death, even Jesus in Gethsemane, when he was about to die, sweated with blood.

The Sadducees that tried to break Jesus’ line of thinking and were obstinately fixed on their own teaching did not accept an idea of eternal life. They highly valued the Torah but refused all the beliefs that Judaism acquired later, including the resurrection. 

There is no way to avoid death, but it is God’s promise, that you will be given a new life. It will be neither new temporal life nor life seen as a mirror image of earthly life. Jesus has conquered death and gives his new life for those who died with him. It does not look like life on Earth.

I remember a scene from an iconic musical, very famous in early 70s last century “Jesus Christ Superstar”, when Jesus was crying over Jerusalem he ended his song with words “To conquer death you only have to die.” Paradoxically, this is right. Not only science but mass culture as well says something that is a universal truth: “everybody dies.” But you do not have to fear death, because as a child of God you will be given a new life that is a share in His life.


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