Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Andrzej Kobylski cmf

Bill Clinton, who was 42nd president of the US, in the presidential campaign said: “The economy, stupid”. This sentence became his slogan for years and many Americans claim he was a good president, who lowered the budget deficit. Taking care of the economy wellbeing is one of the tasks of a president or any other official of this rank. Some say he is just a servant hired by the Public, so following the same economic rules, should be profitable. Of course we know politicians. 

What separates officials from disciples, however, is that the latter had been chosen and sent by Jesus.  This is humility and something more. A humble person would say “I am merely a servant” because he acknowledges he is only a simple worker. The disciples became the Apostles when they had been sent. The idea of being sent by Jesus is absolutely basic for apostolic humility. The President, although elected by the people, needs his own personal strengths: smartness, education, high intellectual capacity, but in fulfilling his office he is actually alone. An apostle picks all these things up from Jesus. 

So, when they say- the Lord says; when they reconcile the sins- the Lord reconciles the sins; when they heal- the Lord heals. The economy of the Gospel is different. The disciples, and those who had been told to take care of our eternal life, have to be humble also, because it is nobody else but Jesus who actually acts when they act. Whatever they do the Lord does through them. 


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