Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Andrzej Kobylski cmf

In mass culture the subject of “the last day” has always been very popular. The Earth was to be destroyed by an asteroid, comets, the aliens, aggressive neutrinos, murdering viruses, super volcanoes. Real scientists also are involved in research into this topic; they had named many issues that are potentially hazardous to the Earth and humankind. The list contains dangers like overcrowding the Earth, global warming and an asteroid impact, new danger micro-organisms, super volcano eruption, including the alien invasion. There are many things that people may be afraid of. 

But people’s fear is not a goal which Jesus wants to achieve. Jesus tries to tell us that we should be ready because there will not be any sign of his coming; he will come when we will be occupied doing our daily works. Moreover, on this day we will have to throw our belongings away and take care only to be close to Jesus.

All these things and even people that we care about are given to us for only some period of our life. It is a way of learning how to love each other, because the God of love wants to invite us as a people capable of loving.  We should use this world and make it useful and take care of it, but our hearts have to be in heaven. This will be a sign for the Son of Man which one of us should be taken and which left.


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