Commentary on the Gospel of

Tom Lenz-Creighton University's Department of Pharmacy Practice

I would like to start this reflection by saying how much I love it when the gospel readings include direct quotes from Jesus. They help me picture Jesus in living color as if I were present with Him during that time. As I read today’s gospel from John, I imagine myself sitting on a large stone, outdoors, on a clear day, and among a small group of people. I am close enough to see the lines on His face and the dust that covers His sandals. His voice is clear and I am intently listening in the same way I do today when sitting in a movie theater watching a new release. I hear Jesus saying just a few words. But, those word have deep meaning and it takes a bit of reflection for me to get the message. This is what I heard, “Because of me, the world will not always be kind to you – but don’t worry, I got your back.” The message is one of trust.


Aside from the scenario that John provides in today’s gospel, this message of “trust” made me think about other contexts in my life. And, it made me ask myself questions. Do I “trust” during the tough days at work? Do I “trust” during the stressful moments at home? Do I “trust” during my impatient times? And the list goes on and on. It is easy to “trust” during the smooth and easy times. But, for some reason it seems harder to “trust” during the challenging times. Which, now that I think about it, seems backwards. The challenging times should be the easiest time to “trust” in God. Jesus continually reminds us that He is always present and He is always loving. But, giving up my perception of control and handing it over to God with the “trust” that He is the one in control, is difficult. I guess that I like to think that I am the one in control.


I have, however, experienced brief glimpses when I did hand over the wheel and “trust” that God is the one steering the ship. Doing this in the past made me feel liberated and peaceful. I think those feelings came from the Holy Spirit as a grace for “trusting” in Him and I would love to experience these graces more often.


So, here is what I decided to do. To remind myself to “trust”, and to experience more feelings of grace, I put a sticky note on my desk today that reads, “Don’t worry, I got your back.” I am looking forward to reading my note in the coming days and weeks and for the liberation and peace that trusting in Him will bring.


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