Commentary on the Gospel of

Luis Enrique Ortiz Alvarez, cmf

Luke 4, 38—44

Another example of Jesus' activity in Capernaum is the healing of Simon's mother-in-law. The scene is a "miracle story", which in this case belongs to the category of "healing." It is a further manifestation of their "authority" and "power" (cf. v. 35). This time it is a woman, in the context of her house, with a smaller audience - perhaps members of the family of Simon. In Luke's account, Jesus cures the woman simply with an imperative of his powerful "word."

The healing scene lacks further detail, but it underlines the intercession of those who were there. On the other hand, it is most likely that Luke describes that fever as "too high" to make his readers see that to heal it requires a "powerful" performance from Jesus. The "immediate" reaction of the woman, who rises and sets to serve them, undoubtedly has the narrative function of emphasizing the character of instant and complete healing.

It is probably an episode in the primitive community to emphasize the attitude of service, which implied a deep and sincere thanks. With this, Simon's mother-in-law becomes an anticipated model of other Galilean women who, according to Luke's later account, are going to dedicate themselves to accompanying and serving Jesus during his ministry (see Le 8,1-3; , 49.55).

What does this story of healing tell us today? That the true Christian service always starts from a deep feeling of "debt" that implies one's surrender, to God and to others, as a sign of gratitude. Our own history is marked by a feeling of debt to those who have given us the best of themselves so that today we are who we are. All we are and always do is possible thanks to the love and mercy of God; And thanks to the generous surrender of others who, feeling grateful to God, have given us their lives.


We can ask ourselves: Have I experienced God's transformation-healing in my life? How do I live my service to God and to others? Am I grateful for what others have done and do for me? Do I give my life as gratitude To what God and others have done for me?


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