Commentary on the Gospel of

Vivian Amu -Creighton University Graduate Student
In this world where good and evil can occupy the same space, we must be wise and vigilant.  In this world where stately roses and disruptive weeds can share the same garden, we must be wise and vigilant.  In this world where the foolish and the wise can sit together at the same table, we must be the wise and prudent ones.  The question is: how often are we prepared to be the wise one?  The idea of being unprepared is almost strange to me, because I am one of those students — the over achiever — who buys and reads textbooks before the start of the school term or semester, just so that I can be one step ahead. I am also that person who shows up at meetings with every document already in hand along with additional research, just in case.  I have my shoulders high and ready for whatever comes my way that day.  I have always been that way and never gave it a second thought.  Having said that, I don’t think I can sincerely brag about my spiritual preparedness. 


Growing up, my grandmother would tell us stories to explain why it wasn’t right to tell a lie, or why it was wrong to steal, and so on.  I used to hear her stories and say to myself, “why can’t grandma just say what she means? Why does she have to tell us these stories?”  As I got older, it occurred to me that not only did she just enjoy using stories to convey life lessons, but the life lessons made more sense once digested, and became nourishment for my soul.  Today’s Gospel reminds me of my grandmother’s stories — a little esoteric, thought-provoking, with moments that make you want to ask a question, but hold back, and in a way, open to interpretation.  Like any parable, the reader is invited to do more than just read it.  The reader is invited to chew slowly, let the words digest, and relish the total mind and soul effect at the moment when we realize that we have being enriched, and awakened by the words; by the parable; by the story.  This Gospel prompts us to stay spiritually awake, and to be prepared to bring light to the darkness.


As Christians, it seems we are always waiting for Jesus to reveal himself to us; we tell ourselves that we will see him at the end of our lives.  It also seems that in our anticipation to be part of the Kingdom of God, we forget what is necessary; we forget that we need the light of Christ.  We need the light that we get when we are baptized, the light that we get when we are compassionate, the light that exudes from us when we live out the Gospel.  The light that is fueled by our faith, perseverance, and good works.  This light illuminates our path to see and experience the Kingdom of God.  We don’t need to wait for the end of our lives to prepare ourselves, the Kingdom of God is with us everyday, but, we need the light.  The light that shows the way, and lights the path for a stranger, for a friend, or an outcast.  The light that is also a guiding compass for those seeking mercy and understanding.  Brothers and sisters, let us stay spiritually awake and be prepared with our light.  Let’s not forget what is necessary to fully experience the Kingdom of God.


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