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This promise of God is the promise of abiding presence in our lives. Actually God does not have to promise this or need to fulfill this promise because God is not only present to us, we are permeated by the divine which is the ground of our being. Actually the promise might be that we become aware of this presence, this all ABIDING PRESENCE. It is we who are not at home in the depths of our being. I think the most effective way of coming to this awareness is by meditation. If we are told that there is a gold mine in our garden, we will not search for it with a spoon or even a spade. We would use a drill to arrive fastest at our goal. This is what meditation does. It helps us to go into the depths of our being to discover the Divine that has always been there, establish a communion and allow this communion to steer the direction of our lives. We are distracted by many things especially in our current situation. There is too much noise, there are too many pictures, a deluge of information, changing experiences that capture our attention. It is important that we regularly seek solitude and in silence and meditation we dive into that center of our being where God is at home.  


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