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St. Peter is known for his impulsive character but also his truly loving heart. So I think he sincerely meant it when he said he would give his life for Christ. But his self knowledge is somewhat defective because he does not take into consideration that he is sometimes cowardly that even a servant maid can intimidate him. It must be terrible to be denied by a friend, one of your best friends as Peter was to Jesus. In our own lives, we sometimes experience the betrayal of friends who in a moment of weakness do not defend us, do not side with us, do not admit being friends with us when threatened by someone that intimidates them. How about we ourselves? Were there not times when we pretend we do not know somebody who is being criticized by a group for fear that we will be aligned with those they are criticizing. It takes guts to contradict people talking negatively about other people, to say something good about them, to clarify things that are being muddled in the conversation. I am always comforted when a friend stands up for me when I am being maligned. I remember a Sister friend who was listening to a priest criticizing me for disagreeing with an Archbishop. She said, I am sorry I agree with Sr. Mary John in this matter. Which made him stop talking. I think that took guts. And I am grateful for her loyalty and her courage in defending me publicly. Having such friends is really a gift from God. 


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