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In washing the feet of his apostles, Jesus defined the role of the master, the leader, the superior. It is to SERVE. He also admonishes his apostles that if their master washed their feet, they should also wash one another’s feet. In other words; THEY SHALL ALSO SERVE ONE ANOTHER. In the ways of the world, the opposite is true. Leaders, Superiors, Masters command and their followers obey. They are to be served and the duty of their followers is to serve. And in many instances in the corporate world, the attitude among employees is competitiveness, how they can surpass one another for a promotion or for a better salary or a better impression of the manager. It takes an effort and faith to become a servant leader to truly be among one’s followers, listening to them, empathizing with their sufferings and helping them in their need. And an office will be a heaven on earth if the staff members among themselves look out for each other’s welfare and truly have compassion on each other. 


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