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I am sure you have noticed that after the Resurrection, Jesus always greeted his disciples in his apparitions with: PEACE BE WITH YOU. That is actually the most beautiful wish we could give to anyone. To have peace means to have overcome one’s conflicts, one’s doubts, one’s struggle, one’s worries. In other words one has come to a state of contentment and joy. When Jesus greets his disciples with these words, he is like telling them — you have no more cause to worry, to be afraid, to be anxious, to be troubled. I have overcome death not only for myself but for you. Although you will still remain in the world, don’t be afraid: I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD. So now, you can live in peace, not as the world gives, but as I give it to you. When we give each other the greeting of peace at Holy Mass, we remind each other of Christ’s greeting and of his assurance that we, too, can now live steeped in divine contentment.


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