Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza cmf

Gospel John 6:44-51

- This discourse continues in the synagogue of Capernaum, progressing towards its fullness: faith in Jesus is as a condition for life: "I assure you, he who believes has eternal life." But today a new element is added that has a singular importance: "no one can come to me if the Father who sent me does not attract him". Therefore, the love of God as a gift in favor of humanity is present: once again it becomes clear what God's plan is; not to understand it, is not to accept the "key of entry" to the mystery of salvation.

- The response, on the part of man, to that gift of God is docility, from personal decision and from freedom. From this arises the desire to "listen" to the Father as the way of modeling one's life to their plans and projects, which are always of life and, moreover, in fullness. All this is given to us in Jesus.

- Again, the desire to be attracted to him and to listen with docility to his word, is the way to reach full communion with Jesus and with it lasting happiness. The one who feeds on Jesus-bread has life and has it in abundance. It is the great proposal that we continue to receive during this Easter season. Desire, listen, and thus enter into communion.

"Lord Jesus, we desire and want to be attracted by the Father to discover in you all the newness, all the fullness. Realize in us your plan of salvation and life".


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