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Lectio Divina

Read: There is no name other than the Name of Jesus that brings salvation. Peter highlights the cure of the man with a handicap as the proof. John speaks of the singular love of God that transforms us to be like Him. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep. 

Reflect: How big is this family of the shepherd? How big is the sheep community? Jesus makes explicit references to other sheep that are also his, but do not necessarily belong to “this” fold, but whom he must lead as well so that finally there shall be one sheep and one shepherd. The redeeming name of Jesus is meant not just for a small group of Christians or the so-called “good,” but for the entire world. The singular love of God cannot be limited to a select few, but flows into the hearts of all. It is not God who rejects us, but we who reject God and one another in the name of God and creed. Perhaps becoming like God demands that we conform to the heart of the Shepherd who cares for all sheep. 

Pray: Good Shepherd, mould my heart after yours. 

Act: Listen to the God-expe­rience of someone who belongs to a faith tradition different from yours. 


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