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Lectio Divina

Read: Cornelius falls at the feet of Peter, but Peter lifts him up and declares their mutual equality. John meditates on what love truly is – that we have been loved by God. Jesus declares his disciples to be friends and invites them to share in his love and share it with others.

Reflect: One of the core temptations of human beings is the desire to create difference from others, placing oneself on a pedestal and, consequently, demand adoration and awe. Given that we also have the impulse to adore and worship, it has led many to become superhuman god-men in the world. Peter resists this temptation and declares equality with Cornelius and his gentile brethren. In doing so, he truly imitates the incarnational love of God who discards difference and embraces similarity and equality with humanity (cf. Phil. 2:6-8). And on such common ground, love is born. Christ would rather have us love him more as a ­familiar friend than adore him as a distant deity. Such love of God would also open our hearts to love our brethren on equal footing.

Pray: Pray for the gift of seeing common ground with others so that you can love them as your own.

Act: Reconnect lovingly with someone who has been ­estranged from you for long.


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