Commentary on the Gospel of

Claretian Pulbications - Manila

Lectio Divina

Read: The theme of discerning runs through the readings today. Wisdom calls us out to take the path of discernment. Paul invites us to understand the will of God and follow it. The eucharistic discourse of Jesus is an invitation to discern the true bread that ensures eternal life.

Reflect: We do meet some people who seem to be inhabiting a world different from ours. When we meet genuinely spiritual people or those who have passionately and “foolishly” [in a worldly sense] dedicated their life to some just cause, we say that they are marching to a different drum. In other words, they are people who have discerned something deeper and beyond the ordinary and perceive life from a higher angle and respond accordingly. Jesus invites us today to apply such discernment in understanding who he is, which would enable us to live life differently meriting eternity.

Pray: Ask God for the gift of discernment of the divine in our everyday life.

Act: Write out a brief reflection on what the Eucharist means for you.


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