Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Gregory Ekene Ezeokeke, cmf

Faith requires profession. It is not enough to just believe because the Christian faith is missionary in character, in other words, Jesus wants you to share his Words with the world. For this reason, we must learn to proclaim Jesus boldly before others. Jesus points out that the one who blasphemes him will be forgiven but not the one who blasphemes the Holy Spirit. Jesus is making provision for the fact that his contemporaries may not understand him as the Messiah but a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a blasphemy against the very principle that behind his messianic mission.

The Holy Spirit was present during his baptism where the Father proclaimed him as the beloved son (Luke 3:21-22). Jesus would admit a blasphemy against his person but not against his mission which the Holy Spirit represents. Do everything you can to identity with the Truth whenever you see it.


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