Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

Judas Iscariot follows up his betrayal option

The gospel passage presents us with how Judas Iscariot followed up his decision to betray Jesus. He meets the chief priests and demands for payment.

Temptation is part of our being human. Each moment of temptation puts forth options for one to choose from. Judas’ response to the temptation of betraying his master, who choose him and (with others) called him friend, was collusion. He chose to collude! Upon choosing to betray Jesus, he opted to ally with those who also had opted to have Jesus killed. Birds of the same feather flock together!!

Jesus was tempted too! During his temptation he gives us example of how to respond when tempted.  He did not allow negotiations with the devil. Each time he was tempted, he sharply responded convincingly. He was clear with each of his responses.  He modeled for us – not to entertain temptation when it arises! Give it a shot!!

A second attitude in response to temptation is most crucial, namely reversing Judas’ directional approach! Consult as Judas did yes!! But, one consults with people of positive thinking in order to tap the power embedded therein. Let us consult with those whose interventions animate and enhance worthy living, not to collude with blood thirsty persons.

One of the ancient Christian practices has always been consulting with one’s spiritual director or directress. In our contemporary world, we beef the practice up by consulting with our professional supervisors too. The latter is a practice of reflexively processing the effects or consequences of one’s occupational hazards on oneself, assisted or facilitated by a professional supervisor (until one gets used to it). Here one practices self-exploration, consciously probing what goes on within oneself as triggered by the work one does. Regular self supervisions enable one to address the unfinished businesses, unrelenting temptations provoked by one’s encounters in the course of performing one’s duties.


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