Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Onuekwusi Chidiebere, CMF

May 17 – John 14: 1- 6 The Lord is with us to the end

Behold one of the most moving encounters that Jesus had with his disciples shortly before he was handed over to be crucified: his farewell speech. Preceded by the Last super encounter, he begins with a plea; asking them to believe in him just as they believed in God! In other words, he acknowledged (to their credit) that they were people of faith (in God)! But what happened that he had to recourse to appealing to them to believe in him? Indeed, their emotional condition demanded the plea! Jesus had repeated to them that he was about to leave them for good! They were enwrapped with the feeling of abandonment, from the background that their expectation of him was about to be shattered! This becomes clearer with his second step: offering them residence in heaven! He refocuses them on the ultimate home where each one of us longs most deeply to end up. He teaches us that focusing on our purpose in life restores inner strength and hope. We are in the world but not of the world. Heaven is our true, lasting home and we are invited to order our lives as citizens of heaven: let the belief in eternal reunion with Jesus in heaven dictate our daily life style!

And finally, prompted by Thomas’ doubting question, he shows us the way to reach where he leaves for, heaven. He is the Way who leads each one of us to the Father. At the death scene of St. Stephen, our Lord unveiled to us how he fulfills this promise: He stands! (Acts 7:55). Standing, the Lord was ready to receive his witness into the Father’s house! What an awesome sight, and it is our lot too!! 


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