Commentary on the Gospel of

Edgar L. Zamudio, cmf
            Riches, power and control are valued highly in our world. But Jesus draws on little things to teach deeper values. Salt preserves food: in the hands of a skilled cook it adds flavour to food. But its work is hidden. As salt of the earth we can be effective in bringing more taste to life for others.

Light does not change a room: it enables us to see what is in it. It helps us appreciate what is good and beautiful, just as it facilitates avoiding pitfalls. We are children of the light: our lives are illumined by Jesus, the light of the world. This light helps us to see the hidden hope of glory that is in us. So we can rejoice even in the darkness of the world.

Salt and light are essential in daily life, salt has a preservative effect on food and light to illumine the night. The Lord Jesus compared the disciples to salt of the earth and light of the world and required us Christians to be the salt and light of the world. No matter who we get along with, the unbelievers or the brothers or sisters in the Lord, we shall always follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus. Since the church is the body of the Lord, we are required to be forgiving and patient to those believers who pursue the truth, to love each other and live before the Lord, to manifest His glory. If we ignore the discords between brothers and sisters and regard it as an irrelevant, we don’t play our role, or exert our portion of strength, nor do we live out the Lord’s requirements. Thus we fail our calling to be the salt and the light of the world.


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