Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

Notice the sense of familiarity between Yahweh and Abraham: Yahweh thinks to Himself: “How can I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?” So Yahweh shares His plans with Abraham. And what does Abraham do? He takes the freedom of friendship and familiarity with God to go before God asking Him to change His mind regarding the punishment planned for Sodom and Gomorrah. No one would dare to stand before God and ask for a reversal of plans,  but Abraham did and bargained!  Abraham showed uncommon courage before God, courage that emerged from deep faith and trust in God’s goodness, and definitively a friendly familiarity with God. He went forth because he believed God would give him a fair hearing. And didn’t God oblige! Sadly, there were not even ten “good souls” in Sodom, as later events would reveal. But that is another matter.  

Can we change God’s Will? Evidently we can, when we approach God in faith, hope, and love. More so, when we do so interceding for the needs of others. Theological virtues can move not only mountains, but God Himself.

 Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF


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