Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF and Andrzej Kobylski cmf

Ex 34: 29-35; Mt 13: 44-46

We can ask the question: Is the Kingdom of God worth expending our energy and life on?  The two parables here indicate that it is.  The finder of the treasure does not hesitate in selling his all to purchase the field where the treasure is. Likewise, the pearl merchant has found the perfect pearl, and sells his all to get that pearl!

They have discovered an element of the Kingdom, and realize that it is worth any price. 

Moses also discovered an element of the Kingdom of God --- close intimacy with God.  What element of the Kingdom have I discovered?


Commentary by Andrzej Kobylski cmf

31 July, 2019, Matthew 13:44-46

The account we read today is Jesus’ school of economy. Since the ancient times we have known how to do business. If I want to make a fortune I need to invest and of course to risk as well. Other elements are calculations, planning and ownership. All these elements also apply to spiritual life. The treasure found in somebody’s field is the fortune we want to get. But of course it belong to field’s owner, so we need to acquire the ownership to the field, then an investment is necessary which is followed by a risk – somebody probably saw us digging up the treasure and reported it to the field’s owner so he might remove the treasure and raise the price and then sell us an empty field. A merchant may find a pearl of great value but he certainly may find it on the market, otherwise he would have to catch it in the sea. Another investment is necessary and of course another risk – somebody noticed you are interested in this pearl and may raise the price to your disadvantage. The question is how good business (wo)men are we? How much may we invest; do we have enough courage to sell everything? We do not have to pay for the Kingdom of heaven, but it is not for free; our spiritual investment and effort is necessary, any attachment to temporal goods is excluded.


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