Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus challenges the criteria of measuring the worth of a person. The world has an eye on external appearances and performances to fix the value of a person. Jesus’ observation in front of the treasure box of the temple is striking. When big sums were dropped proudly by the well-off, Jesus paid attention to an insignificant act of a poor widow. It was an act by even more an insignificant person – a widow. This episode tells us where the eyes of the world are set and where the eyes of God are on. Life will change when we are able look where God looks and see what God sees.

Daniel, even as a young boy, was able to see what God would see in him and in his situation. He was not swept away by the world around and its strong influence on him. He stuck himself to God’s sight and valued only what God would see in him. Hence, there was no power that could stand his way and God brought him to great victory not only in His sight but also in sight of the world.


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