Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

Once I asked my mother: “If an angel were to appear to you and say ‘you are chosen to be the mother of God,’ would you be willing to accept?” Without pausing for a second, she said, “Of course, why not! Wouldn’t that be a great honour?”

             Of course, she would. Or any woman would. Because, they already have the story of Mary to go by—her decision, her blessedness, and her reward. However, it was very different for Mary. She had no precedence to go by. No model to imitate. The angel’s visit was unexpected. She was unsure of where her consent would take her.  Between the invitation of Gabriel and the response of Mary was a moment of profound silence, a moment that would have unnerved the fainthearted. In that moment, in the darkness of her faith, Mary made her choice. Before she pronounced the words, she willed in her heart and surrendered to whatever God wanted.

             It wasn’t all her achievement, though. She was prepared so by the Grace. She was conceived immaculately, with no stain of sin. She was full of Grace. Yet, she still had her freedom: to say a polite no, to choose a different life for herself. But she didn’t. In her freedom, she said “yes.” We honour her immaculate conception. We thank God for Mary. We thank her for her faith, courage, and obedience.  And we look up to her for guidance and assistance in our life of fidelity to God’s work in us.

 Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF -


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