Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus witnessed to himself at different times by saying that he is equal with God, gives eternal life and he is the source of life etc. These claims clearly pointed that he was divine. It was an unacceptable claim for his hearers but John the Baptist seconded this claim while testifying to Jesus. Another claim that offended the religious leaders even more was the charge that these people never listened God’s voice and God’s word has no place in them.

It was a naked truth but was shocking when it was said plainly. They knew the scripture, interpreted it often and used it in their prayers. But it never touched their lives nor they applied the Word of God into their attitudes and approaches. The irony is that their own religious system which has a Messiah orientation did not let them to recognize the Messiah and his words. Are we sometimes so involved in our religion and its expressions that we miss Christ? When the practice of faith is for the eyes of others, the religion deteriorates into falsehood and hypocrisy. When the glory of God and welfare and happiness of every one is the focus of religion, it suits God’s intention and receives His approval.


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