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Dear friends,

We are already on the verge of Easter. In today's liturgy, tragedy is chewed. The Gospel of John says that the Jews seized stones to stone Jesus. As you can see, the "intifada" thing comes from afar. In inhospitable Judea they have a predilection for stones: to build the temple in Jerusalem, to stamp Goliath on their foreheads, to carry away the adulterous woman ... or to eliminate Jesus. Fortunately, Jesus slipped from their hands. In several evangelical passages this elusive Jesus who does not allow himself to be trapped is alluded to, as if the physical fact of the disappearance was a symbol of a deeper fact: Jesus is not within our grasp. It is a free gift, but not a trinket that we can handle at will.

Let's get down to business. What is the reason they want to stone it (and maybe squander it too)? The same gospel puts in the mouth of the Jews the accusation: We do not stone you for a good work, but for a blasphemy: because you, being a man, make yourself God. When the Gospel of John is written, the Christian community, struggling with various heresies, has greatly matured its understanding of the mystery of Jesus. It is hinted here what will be the cause of his death. In that you become God concentrates the religious reason for which Jesus will be executed, although later he disguises himself with political reasons.

I have the impression that something similar is happening today. Jesus is liked by almost everyone because he speaks of the noblest human aspirations: truth, freedom, justice, brotherhood. Anyone fighting for these ideals can make it a symbol. What no longer excites so much enthusiasm is that you make yourself uncomfortable, God, because if this statement is true, then Jesus can no longer be a Che Guevara, but Someone who has to do with me and I with him, Someone who confronts me with the truth of myself and with the answer that I am giving to the meaning of my life. And, of course, this is asking too much. This pretentious Jesus must be killed. Let's say it clearly: some theologies, many ideologies and millions of people have managed to kill him. Reduced to a slogan, it is fine with us, but converted into God annoys our life and does not matter at all to us.


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