Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Luis Manuel Suárez CMF
"To whom shall we go?" Shall we go the horoscope, to the cards? Dazzling... but false, because you're free and your future is not written anywhere. Shall we go the lottery, to loans? They can give you a lot of money, but there are so many things that can't be bought with money... To the doctor? Whenever necessary... but life is more than bodily health. To the psychologist? He can help you overcome conflicts, but he won't save you the trouble of fighting every day.

To whom shall we go?" To everything that God has placed in your path to live with quality: to your loved ones, to friends, to those who can help you; to work, to exciting projects, to do something for others; to a sunset or a starry night, even from your window... Without ever ceasing to go to the Source: his Word, the Eucharist, the Spirit in you, Jesus Christ, the living God... "Lord... You have the words of eternal life".

Thank you, Lord, for having someone to turn to. Amen.


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