Commentary on the Gospel of

Andrzej Kobylski cmf

There were many saviours who came on their own behalf, with their own teaching; they attracted people and then led them, but in the end, everything turned into dust. Jesus was not one of them. He has come sent by the Father with the Word given so as to spread on the world. Jesus declared: ‘I, the light, have come into the world, so that whoever believes need not stay in the dark any more’.

But there is a question not only about our ability to hear what was said, but about our ability to recognize and practise his teaching. What is a problem of our life of faith in the year 2020? No, it is not a coronavirus, nor it is a lack of physical community, not even the absence in the church on Sunday. The real problem is setting Jesus in a specified point of time: in the past only. Although, as people we are able to perceive a strictly limited dimension of time, the Word of God which has been given us by Jesus breaks all the limitations. This is the Word of the Father who is alive.

No doubt, we are in the circumstances where we are to witness to Christ’s life and resurrection, to the truth of His Words. Witnessing depends not only on a verbal statement, although we need it too, it is a pain as well. The pain of a judgement on us. But this is a blessed pain, because it makes us able to acknowledge our sins, to turn from the wrong way to Jesus’ giving-life-teaching. It is proficient for our present and future life – meaning truly future, not in the oncoming years, but for our eternal life – to accept this judgement now. So, do not be procrastinating. 

St John the Apostle at the beginning of his Gospel wrote ‘No one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart, who has made him known’ (John 1:18). We do not need to ask ‘who he was’ any more. He has been the image of God. Listening to Him and practising the words He said is the only way to redemption.


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