Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF
These three days the Church invites us to stand quietly with Jesus as he prays his priestly prayer from Jn 17.  We shall be privileged again to peep inside the heart of Jesus and be inspired by his relationship with both his Father and his disciples.  We ponder again the meaning of glory, of eternal life, of obedience, of prayer.  Today we take the place of those whom the Father gave to Jesus and whom he gave back again to the Father.  
We dare to remind ourselves that the Father could never give the Son a gift that is second-class. That is the reason why Jesus proclaimed ‘glory has come to me through them.’ God’s glory consists in his being, his presence and his works. The lives of the disciples should reveal God’s character and presence through their works. Let us serve then, with the humility and self-forgetfulness that St. Paul speaks of in the first reading. His character and way of life is worth emulating in our lives as Lord’s disciples today.  Let’s ‘finish the race’.


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