Commentary on the Gospel of

NOVICE MASTER Fr. Johnson Joseph, cmf

God always shows patience at one’s rejection and denial of him. By rejecting Jesus as the one sent, the Father’s only Word of grace, one rules him out of the friendship with God and closes the possibility to access salvation that God offers him through Jesus. However, God is always hope of the return of his children to him. It is possible that someday everyone will recognize Jesus as the one who comes from the Lord and that they will rejoice at this. The episode of the Gospel today is story of placing oneself at the centre replacing all the other things of value. It takes humility to welcome God and to offer him the treatment he deserves.

No one wants to be ignored or to be the least. However, anyone who exalts oneself often would do so at the cost of someone else. The Lord is not asking us to put ourselves inferior to anyone. He shows us the right Christian attitude. Humility is the true understanding of oneself and seeing ourselves in the way God sees us without pretensions or masks.   When we assess ourselves honestly, then there is no place for pride or gloom in us. A truly humble person will always look up to the approval that comes from God alone. He is committed to service than status, keeps in mind his limitations and places the God given gifts at the disposal of others. He is open to the poor and less privileged and is eager to welcome and help them.


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