Commentary on the Gospel of

NOVICE MASTER Fr. Johnson Joseph, cmf
On the pedestal of the obelisk of St. Peter’s square there is an inscription: “Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat,” means, Christ has conquered, Christ now rules, Christ now reigns supreme. However, the King we see on the Cross has a trail of insults, suffering and death. That makes him a different King, a true King. He is King because he speaks truth, different from the truth that the world speaks. The only authority he exercises is the authority to open the gates of paradise to sinners. His power is the power of unselfish love, giving up his life in love. He is King Supreme, not over us but for us and with us.

Paul visualises Jesus Christ handing over the kingdom to God the Father at the end of time. This ideal kingdom is not something merely hoped for as a future gift, but something being worked for by Christians in the present time. The kingdom is indeed to be hoped for, but somehow it is also in our midst, in the process of becoming. He brings a different kind of rule, a rule where boundless mercy trumps self-righteous justice.

If Christ is really King of my life, he must be King of every part of my life, and I must let him reign all aspects of my life: over our bodies, our thoughts, our heart and our will.  So, we are called to bear witness to him, knowing that whatever we do to others we do to him.  We are reminded today to reach out and love the enemy and the stranger alike, to forgive unconditionally, and be compassionate to the needy and support one another in prayer. He is the King who serves and we are called not to be served, but to serve. Jesus our King has only one command and all those who honour him, obey it: “Love one another as I have loved you.”


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