Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Onuekwusi Chidiebere, CMF

The Messiah is here with us.

-      The skies rain down the just One.

-      Go, proclaim what you have seen and heard.

-      What preparations remain to receive the Messiah who is with us?

The idea of the heavens ‘opening and raining down’ flows from the chronological worldview that time is graduated in terms of: the present generation; the Day of the Lord; and the Golden age.

Prophet Isaiah and the psalmist remind us of its prophecy that would mark the day of the Lord: ‘Let the skies rain down’; ‘Show, O heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down the just one.’ Furthermore, today’s Gospel passage invites us to behold its fulfilment with our own eyes because ‘experience is the best teacher’: ‘Go and tell John what you have seen and heard.’

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of God’s promise; He is the Messiah and He is right here in our midst. What is happening on the day of the Lord? What are they beholding? They see and hear the manifestation of our Lord’s compassionate love: they see joy on the faces of the healed; they see the previously blind now walking without guides! They see former lame now enjoy normal walk without the support of clutches; they see leprous hand and legs now straightened and full of sensitive skin! The previously deaf now hear what are being said; the former dead bodies are now full of life and with the poor who receive the good news, all praise God! The unusual is obviously happening right now in our midst!! What a spectacular!!!

The invitation reaching us is to embrace the presence of Emmanuel, for our God is with us. What preparations remain? The heavens have already opened. Making the heart ready is a personal task. One needs to provide quality quiet time, like prophet Elijah on the Mount, in order to appreciate the Lord’s serene presence. One needs to recollect in order to make amends where sin has disfigured. The Lord comes to deepen our union with Him. We gladly avail ourselves for His entry. 


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