Commentary on the Gospel of

Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle B ) - "Love God and love your neighbour".

In today's Gospel Mark reminds us that the first commandment is to "Love God and your neighbour as yourself".

The God who asks for our love with all our strength and with all the intensity of our heart is a personal, unique, paternal God, whose essence is love.

Let us now ask ourselves this question: But to which neighbour? Because "the neighbour is the other".  It is not only the friend, nor only the one who thinks like you and has the same ideals as you; it is also the enemy, the stranger, the migrant in search of work; it is everyone, and more specifically the most needy.

This love of neighbour means caring for the wounded on the roadside, giving a cloak without a second thought to those who have none, embracing the prodigal son who returns home battered and humiliated, listening to those who need to be listened to.     Sometimes we don't do this because our busy lives don't allow us to do so. We do realise that the time spent in listening to our fellow human beings is a magnificent exercise of charity towards our neighbour. 

To love God is to love him in others. And in this way Jesus will say to us: You are not far from the Kingdom of God. Let us pay special attention today and always to the part that refers to forgiveness, when we pray the Our Father, because it is a beautiful form of love. 

(Psalm 17) I love you, Lord, you are my strength. 



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