Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines

Being Salt & Light

When food has optimal saltiness, hardly anyone praises the salt. But a bit too much of it or too little of it, all blame is on the salt. Similarly, when the light is optimal, the lamp hardly gets praised; but if it is too much or too little, we are upset and we complain. The same goes for a true disciple of Christ. When a Christian functions optimally in the world, he is taken for granted and is forgotten; there are many others to claim the credit for the good that happens around. However, when his/her services are lacking or go wrong, the blame falls squarely on him/her. Perhaps, it is how it is meant to be: to keep doing one’s duty optimally, hardly inviting attention to oneself (a la John the Baptist who was content playing second fiddle and letting himself decrease) while flavouring and brightening the life of the world.


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