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Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines - Victoria Sanchez - Teacher in Madrid

Treasure Hunt


The book of Wisdom speaks of the ancestors in faith trusting God’s promises. The letter to the Hebrews defines faith and discusses the patriarchs as its exemplars. Jesus invites us to treasure what matters and orient our lives towards it. 


What we treasure will orient our entire being and guide our lives. Think of a mother who is deep asleep, totally oblivious to the noise of the traffic on the nearby road or the planes that fly above; yet the slightest whimper of her new-born baby will wake her up. For, she treasures her baby. Or, think of a businessman on bed. No noises around may disturb his sleep, but the ring of the telephone may wake him up, for it could be a business call and that’s what he treasures. We have scores of stories of people doing the seemingly impossible in sports, academics, and other various avenues of life. They do so precisely because they treasure such achievements and thereby have oriented their entire being and invested every resource towards realizing the same. What creates saints is their treasuring God and His will.


Pray for the grace to give primacy to God in every moment.


Reflect on this question today: What do I treasure most in my life?


                     "Be like those who wait for their Lord to come" (Pope Francis).

This Sunday's Gospel speaks to us of the definitive encounter with Christ,a desire that makes us always be ready,with our spirits on the watch,because we await this encounter with all our hearts,with all of ourselves.This is a fundamental aspect of life.There is a desire that all of us,whether explicit or hidden,have in our hearts. 

Jesus' instruction touches on two themes: He begins by completing his teaching on the position of his disciples in this world, in relation to the goods of the earth. He then goes on to exhort them to live in a state of constant vigilance, waiting for Him.

Detachment from possessions is not contempt, but a proof of trust in the way one lives and a willingness to serve exclusively the Lord who is to come. Though insignificant, the disciples need not fear the world, for they are assured of their future in God. Knowing this will free them from the desire to accumulate goods that do not belong to them and will free them to wait for the supreme Good, their Lord; when He returns, He will not reward the servant who possesses the most, but the one who has been most attentive in waiting for His coming. The state of wakefulness that imposes detached living is the way to be already serving the Lord we are waiting for.

Prayer : Let us ask the Lord to be our only treasure. 
(Psalm 32) Blessed are the people whom the Lord has chosen as his inheritance.



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