Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines


Following with a Hook

“What, then, will there be for us?”  Peter personifies typical human mindset. We are inclined to invest only in those ventures that bring some significant return, even in spiritual realm.  How many people seek after God only to use him as an ATM in manifold ways! Of course, God provides for our physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. Thus, Jesus answered Peter’s question understandingly and positively and did promise them great returns. However, no sooner had Jesus promised them judges’ seats with him in the Kingdom, than the sons of thunder got their mother to ask Jesus for privileged seating in the Kingdom (cf. Mt 20:20-21)!  Yet, as their following of Jesus got closer and more intimate, they changed. Their self-interests fell away and they would even lose their lives for him. Like Paul, they would come to count everything as loss and rubbish just for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ and be with him (cf. Phil 3:8-9).


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