Commentary on the Gospel of

Mary Elizabeth Sperry - Bible Diary 2023 - Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.
What does it mean to be chosen by God? The nation of Israel knew themselves to be God’s chosen people – a people he had brought out of slavery in Egypt, a people uniquely his own. God also promised to send his chosen one – a servant of the Lord – to end the dominion of death and open the gates of heaven. Jesus was the Chosen One, confirmed by the voice from heaven at his baptism.
At our baptism, we became part of Christ’s body, God’s adopted children. We too have been chosen as Saint Peter says, without partiality. But what does it mean to be chosen? It does not make us powerful, entitled to throw our weight around to get what we want. Instead, we are called to be servants of the Lord: gentle and steadfast, bringing justice to all, even the most lowly, sharing the good news, even to the ends of the earth.


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